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“You are not just another student to me. We are a team working on a common goal.”

" I'm free almost everyday. If you want to setup a session just pm me " Still coaching daily !


My name is Bram"wewillfailer" De Winter.

I've been playing LoL for about 7 years now and I'm a former LCS player (supahotcrew and lemondogs)

At this moment I'm the headcoach of Nerv a challenger series team.

With all this experience and still having the love for the game I decided to put all my effort and passion into coaching people that love the game as much as me.

I've been a professional support player since S1 championship where i subbed for fnatic. But I am more than capable of giving lessons in every single role in the game. My knowledge of the game has always been my biggest strength.

Ps : Always keep in mind that I constantly customize the lessons towards your needs and recent improvements. Some people are slow and some are fast , I try to make the pace the best for you.

I truely believe that no human is the exact same. I want to make sure I do the best for you and dont make a standart boring lesson.

I want to make the lesson interesting for you and a fun thing to go through.

Extra info:

Skype : bdw-b0werke69 for extra info pm.

Déroulement du cours

How i do my lessons: (only a small explenation, I do much more then only this)


    • At first I try to figure out what your goal is from these lessons. (we do a short talk, this is before the lessons start)


    • I'll be also asking what roles/champions you'd like to be getting better at and I will also ask for your ingame name (to check runes and masteries). After having a look at all the factory I try to make the lesson as good as possible for you


 example of things I do and which I recommend to every new student :


    • 1 hour of masteries/runes/itembuilds to get better understanding of your role


    • 1 hour where we go in a custom game and where will be doing a fun 1v1 with you to see where you have some mechanical errors and also I'll be teaching you some cool tricks that will make ou better in a short period of time.


  • I will be analysing your gameplay through a replay of a game of you. What I will do is ask you to record all your games and pick out the games you just have no idea what you could have done better or just where you felt you could improve so much on. I will review it while streaming, commentating on it. Talk 5-10 min with you about it and afterworths send you the game with my commentary which will help you greatly understand what you can do better.


  • LCS Season 3 Go4LoL Summer Promotion Qualifier
  • LCS Europe Season 3 Summer Promotion
  • Challenger season 4
  • Challenger season 3
  • Season 1 Championship

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