73 hours given
Poste Jungler, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
League Diamond I
Server EUW, NA

“Your climb is my goal !”

Hello my friend !

Welcome to my description, and as you can already tell, it wont be really original :P.

So first of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Cyril, I'm 20, I live in France and I'm actually doing a degree in psychology. Please remember that I'm french, so my english won't be perfect at all, but I believe we can still understand each other :).

In game, my nickname is Kami and I'm a main mid player, but I played every other role except top, so I'll able to coach you on every role. I was D1 in season 6 and 7, and now I want to invest myself into coaching.

I already got some experience in the coaching, since I helped a famous french coach during his lessons.


Typical Lesson Plan

For the lesson, the schedule will only change a bit, depending on your level, but here is the big steps:

I-      A little discussion, to know each other, to see what's your goal and to do a check-up on your                   main role, your champion pool and to know why you wanted to take a lesson with me.

II-     You will start a game, that I will record for the 3rd point, where you will play as usual,                like if I wasn't there. I wont do any comments during the 1st game, but I will be here              if you have any question (about the stuff, the lane, your match up,etc.).

III-     We go back together on the game: during the game, I'll take a lot of notes that'll help              me to analyze the game with you, with a Q&A system to help you understand your                        mistakes or at the opposite what you did well. my goal is to find ALL the points that you                need to improve, so I can help you as much as I can.

You have to know that even if you only take an hour, we will probably exceed it, and I will not tolerate any kind of "it's not my fault, it's because of my mates" excuses, because it's the biggest obstacle to improve in LoL in my opinion. After the lesson, I will always be up if you have any questions.

To end this little description, don't hesitate to send me a message on the site if you have any questions before the lesson, I'll answer them !

P.S: Since enlish isn't my native language, I would be more than happy to correct any fault in the description, so don't hesitate to tell me if there is !

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