“Pro Gamer depuis 5 ans/ Coach depuis 7 ans”


My name is Quentin but you should known me as : Kaze.

I played league of legends since beta,I'm actually master in solo q and i went challenger every season,i'm professional player since 2 year from now .

i played in french team for one year then in a professional  one in my challenger series matches which was : Millenium

I won a lot of tournament online & offline and also a lot of experiences in solo Q (8 Years now)

For all this reasons i want to share with you guys my gaming experiences as a profesionnal player,solo q player & as a coach to make u able to become better and better.


First of all when we start coaching i will always asks u first if u want to works on something specially or if u prefer me to do my job and tell you random things about the game its always up to you, if you want to speak for 2 hours about theorycraft its fine for me .

When we start the coaching we will speak 5 minutes to know ur current ranking ur goal and what are u waiting from ur coaching lessons then i'll speak about the meta /runes/champions/masteries/Stuff from 10 to 30 min  and we will start the 1vs1 lesson .



First Part:  1vs1 we analyse how to win lanes 

- Somes 1vs1 with good champions/runes/Masteries/Stuffs
- I show you how to trade/combo with your champion
- Some tricks in lane

Second Part :  I spectate you in ranked game+analyse

-You apply the champion we works for
- Decisions making.
- i will analyse the whole games and write all mistakes that we will see together on replays and discuss about it

My goal isnt to make u pay more and more coaching, my goal is to make you understand how solo q works and how to improve , if u understand it u wont need me anymore .

 After the coaching lessons i will let u  all the things we work on together and somes exercices to do which are adapt to every student in order to become better .

If u have any question or if u are interested about taking a coaching lessons mp me here or on my personnal    skype: kaze-coach

List of Achievements

  • Challenger series spring split 2016
  • Challenger series summer split 2016
  • TF1 Xtra Cup 2016
  • ECN ESL 2016
  • Fight Arena 2016
  • Gamers assembly 2016
  • Lyon esport 2016
  • Challenge france 2016
  • Paris games week 2016
  • Doigcup 2015
  • Championnat National ESL Automne 2015
  • Asus Rog tournament 2015
  • Predator Tournament
  • Evry games city 2015
  • Dream hack tour 2015
  • Challenge france 2015
  • Lyon esport 2015

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